ISO 30071-1 for digital access standards - everything you need to know

ISO 30071-1 describes requirements for the creation of barrier-free ICT products and services. Published on 28 May 2019, it is an international process-oriented standard that enables companies to embed accessibility requirements in their „business as usual“ processes.

ISO 30071-1 is the international guideline that supports website operators throughout the entire process of launching and creating websites.

ISO 30071-1 applies to all digital products (or ICT systems) – including usability of VR/AR headsets, smart speakers, kiosks, on-board and in-car entertainment systems, gaming consoles, ATMs and electronic checkout systems; it also takes into account the context of use of these products and what to do if the supporting technologies and access policies that normally enable access to digital products are not available on a device.

ISO 30071-1 describes a process to ensure that digital products are accessible during commissioning and maintenance and streamlines it into 8 points that can be integrated into any software development lifecycle methodology that teams use to create their products.

ISO 30071-1 updates and clarifies the recommendations on the relationship between integrative design and user personalized approaches to accessibility, including when it comes to setting additional personalized accessibility requirements.

ISO 30071-1 updates the business cases to better adapt them to the diverse and different legislations in different countries that promote or prescribe accessibility.

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