Steffen Zimmermann

As a designer, product developer and innovator, I am also at your disposal as a competent and experienced consultant and manager for accessible products and the implementation of inclusion in business, culture, education and the public sector.

Rely on know-how in product development, design and ‚usability for all‘, digital media as well as corporate design and marketing. Visual, verbal and non-verbal as well as written communication is on an equal footing with me.

To rethink things and processes is one of my strengths that will lead you to noticeable optimization and disruptive innovation. Furthermore, I am an expert and visionary in technologies and strategies for blind people. I stand for inclusion.


  • Inventor of the coloured braille print. I have already practised it in many books and other Braille printing publications.
  • I was the inventor and developer of the first special children’s white cane, and led the development to mass production. It has since become the standard white cane for 1 to 12-year-old blind children.
  • Inventor and developer of TellDing, the active auditory information and guidance system.

Methods and Tools

I enjoy working in agile processes and companies. Therefore I support the use of SCRUM, KANBAN, Design Thinking and Personas.

What you get

  • Ability to manage complex tasks.
  • High quality awareness, overview and detail view.
  • Integrated thinking: technology, usability, branding and corporate design.
  • Ability of new ways of thinking, approaches and perspectives. Ability of disruptive innovation.
  • Experience in restructuring and process optimization, especially in growing companies / departments.
  • Experience with agile processes (SCRUM and KANBAN).

Language Skills

  • German : mother tongue
  • English : fluent
  • French : basic knowledge
  • Italian : basic knowledge


Visual Communication Graduated Diploma Designer (1,0) at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK)

Further Qualification

  • Change Management: Leadership in Change Processes
  • Communication Training: Collegial Counseling
  • Communication Training: Staff Conversations
  • Moderation
  • VoiceOver, Braille

More inclusive projects

  • – How to make your product beautiful with braille (German)
  • – Your building, your offer can easily reach more people (German)
  • – an auditory information and guidance system – simple, fast and inexpensive (English)
  • – we support you in creating accessible exhibits and orientation (German)