Consulting and management of inclusive projects and products, quality assurance

Whether it’s iterative development in the classical optimization process or disruptive innovation in a modern design thinking process – my experience as a creative thinker, conscientious product manager, critical quality manager and prudent usability optimizer is the best basis for the agile development of great, inclusive products. I consult museums, product producers, business associations, public institutions, design and advertising agencies and philanthropists.

Concept, design and production of inclusive objects

Exhibitions and public spaces often require exhibits, graphics, models and orientation plans in accessible and inclusive form. For you and with you, I will identify the most suitable and appropriate form and function. In many cases it is about an additional alternative form of presentation, but also often about a summarized didactic mediation of a topic. The ideal form is often an inclusive object or „added value exhibit“ that conveys the content in a high-quality and equally valuable way for everyone. This is not always possible, but often the opportunities are just not seen.

Making companies, departments and products ready for the inclusive future

My experience in leading positions and in projects in the range of one to 60 employees as well as budget responsibility from „it should cost nothing“ up to several million Euros cannot be replaced. Regardless of whether conventional or new paths are taken in individual cases – whether the stomach or the head should decide. As a manager and good team player and motivator, I challenge and promote the competence and performance of my colleagues in order to achieve the set goals.