Recognize - Question - Optimize

Our team of experts develops and produces tactile plans and graphics as well as semi-reliefs and tactile replicas, models and interactive objects. Including Braille, of course. We implement your requirements with an interdisciplinary team and optimize user-friendliness in tests until the optimum result is achieved.

Examples of applications are exhibits, handouts, accompanying material and brochures, building and site plans, functional models.

As an inclusion consultant I will assist you in the planning, development and testing of accessible buildings, exhibitions, products or events.

Examples of applications include aesthetic visual, acoustic and electronic navigation systems and floor guidance systems, building and site maps, but also transfer of sign language and text translation into easy language.

I am also happy to share my expertise with you if you want to develop, optimize or test product packaging and products with different target groups.

Examples of applications are products and outer packaging that are supplemented with Braille or designed with it. From household equipment and household chemicals to food and other household goods.


Consulting and management of inclusive projects and products, quality assurance

Whether it’s iterative development in the classical optimization process or disruptive innovation in a modern design thinking process – my experience as a creative thinker, conscientious product manager, critical quality manager and prudent usability optimizer is the best basis for the agile development of great, inclusive products. I consult museums, product producers, business associations, public institutions, design and advertising agencies and philanthropists.

Making companies, departments and products ready for the inclusive future

My experience in leading positions and in projects in the range of one to 60 employees as well as budget responsibility from “it should cost nothing” up to several million Euros cannot be replaced. Regardless of whether conventional or new paths are taken in individual cases – whether the stomach or the head should decide. As a manager and good team player and motivator, I challenge and promote the competence and performance of my colleagues in order to achieve the set goals.

Representative, Speaker and Lecturer


  • 2011 and ongoing:    President and representative of the non-profit organization “Anderes Sehen e.V.”
  • From 2002-2004 chairman of the board of the multimedia association interface!berlin e.V.

committee work

2013/14: Berlin Senate: Working Group “Special Educational Support” Focus on Vision, Project Group Inclusion


  • 2016: PSD Zukunftspreis
  • 2014: Excellent site in Germany the “Land of Ideas”
  • 2013: German Prize for Civic Engagement (finalist) and Audience Award
  • 1998: “One of the most beautiful books” of Germany

Lectures / Presentations

  • Upcoming: 25 April 2018 at the FOCUS Museum 2018:
    Change Management in the museum:
    “Successful transition to a ‘Museum for All’
    Anchoring Inclusion. Positive attitude from colleagues. Dealing with resistance.”
  • 2017: Humboldt-University Berlin: Guest lecture “Inklusion als Motor des Wandels”
  • 2014: Mercedes-Benz Bank: Presentation “Förderung blinder Kinder”
  • 2013: SAMS-Award: Presentation “Förderung blinder Kinder”
  • 1998: FU, Freie Universitaet Berlin: Guest lecture “The Internet”
  • 1997: TU, Technische Universitaet Berlin: Presentations “The Internet”


  • 1998–2000:   Lectureship for „Online-Media – Concept and Design“ LetteVerein Berlin, faculty for design
  • 1993–1998:   Lectureship „design for on- and offline media“, University of the Arts Berlin
  • 1992:   Lectureship „conceptual design“, University of the Arts Berlin

Seminars / Seminar rows

  • 1997 to 2000: bbw Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft
  • 1997 to 2000: L4 Berufsfachschule, department of media design
  • 1997 to 1998: Forum Berufsbildung


Was sind rote Zugänge? Lernen Sie mit und helfen Sie mit.

Design for All, das bedeutet schlicht Nutzbarkeit von Design, Produkten und Architektur. Man denkt, das sei Standard, aber weit gefehlt! Nicht jeder Kreative und Architekt denkt an alle Nutzer. So kann man auf der Wheelmap sehen, welche Orte nicht für → alte Menschen, → Kinderwagen, → Lieferanten und → Rollstuhlfahrende geeignet sind. Zum Glück sieht …

Was Layouter bzw. Editorial-Designer und Web-Designer falsch machen können

Eigentlich ist es ganz einfach. Aber leider nur, wenn der/die Layouter bzw. Editorial- oder Web-Designer von Anfang an, also beim Aufbau des Dokuments fünf simple Regeln beachten. Wenn sie das nicht tun, dann wird es praktisch unmöglich (weil beinahe unbezahlbar) hinterher ein PDF, ein Ebook oder eine Website barrierefrei zu machen. Barrierefreie Layouts für E-Books und …

Erfolgreicher Wandel zum „Museum für alle“ – Change-Management-Methoden im Museum

Vor mehr als zehn Jahren haben sich Deutschland und 158 weitere Länder mit der Unterzeichnung der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention verpflichtet, Barrierefreiheit und Inklusion im gesellschaftlichen Leben umzusetzen. Angebote von Museen und Kultureinrichtungen gehören eindeutig dazu. Viele Museen sind mit der Umsetzung der UN-Anforderungen allerdings überfordert. Die Folge sind oft mangelhafte Ergebnisse, verschwendete Budgets und ratlose Mitarbeiter. Darum …


Steffen Zimmermann

As a designer, product developer and innovator, I am also at your disposal as a competent and experienced consultant and manager for accessible products and the implementation of inclusion in business, culture, education and the public sector.

Rely on know-how in product development, design and ‘usability for all’, digital media as well as corporate design and marketing. Visual, verbal and non-verbal as well as written communication is on an equal footing with me.

To rethink things and processes is one of my strengths that will lead you to noticeable optimization and disruptive innovation. Furthermore, I am an expert and visionary in technologies and strategies for blind people. I stand for inclusion.

What you get

  • Ability to manage complex tasks.
  • High quality awareness, overview and detail view.
  • High social competence, coachig of staff and management.
  • Ability to work independently, leadership skills, very good communication skills.
  • Integrated thinking: technology, usability, branding and corporate design.
  • Ability of new ways of thinking, approaches and perspectives. Ability of disruptive innovation.
  • Experience in restructuring and process optimization, especially in growing companies / departments.
  • Strong affinity for socio-technological trends and technologies.
  • Experience with agile processes (SCRUM and KANBAN).

Language Skills

  • German : mother tongue
  • English : fluent
  • French : basic knowledge
  • Italian : basic knowledge


Visual Communication Graduated Diploma Designer (1,0) at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK)

Methods and Tools

I enjoy working in agile processes and companies. Therefore I support the use of SCRUM, KANBAN and Design Thinking.

Further Qualification

  • Change Management: Leadership in Change Processes
  • Communication Training: Collegial Counseling
  • Communication Training: Staff Conversations
  • Moderation
  • VoiceOver, Braille